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We hope to develop a vibrant, connected community that enhances the neighbourhood and meets government policy objectives.

Existing Site

The site is home to a truck dealership and vehicle repair facility, with expansive paved areas bordered by chain-linked fences. The existing uses function to accommodate cars, not a community.

Site Organization

The site has been organized with a strong visual identity. Varying building heights step down and transition to the east, followed by a new public park. The proposal includes generous setbacks from Fieldway Road, providing for an expanded and improved public realm.


Surrounding Context

Our proposal responds and contributes to the evolution of Etobicoke Centre, which has stemmed from significant infrastructure investments in the immediate area over recent years, and includes the future Etobicoke Civic Centre and the Housing Now projects at Bloor-Kipling and Bloor-Islington.

Bloor Kipling Housing Now

Bloor Islington Housing Now


The Details

Supporting an Emerging Context

This redevelopment provides opportunities to fulfill priorities identified in Provincial Policy in addition to the City of Toronto Official Plan and Etobicoke Centre Secondary Plan, taking advantage of nearby transit services, providing park and open spaces, and facilitating linkages and connection opportunities throughout the surrounding area.

Providing new outdoor public spaces

Part of introducing new residential uses means there is a need for outdoor green space to be included on site. Our proposal includes both a 2,426 m2 public park at 56 Fieldway-that’s the size of half a football field- and additional outdoor green space at 58-60 Fieldway.

Facilitating neighbourhood connectivity

The site and its surroundings were designed for cars not people. Our design is making the neighbourhood more walkable with safer sidewalks, supporting a potential pedestrian connection over the railway, and high quality landscaping. Through these pedestrian realm improvements we will allow for greater access to one of Toronto’s growing Transit Mobility Hubs.

Bringing the Norseman Heights neighbourhood to Fieldway Road

This proposal will extend the neighbourhood feeling and pedestrian experience along Fieldway Road by replacing automotive and industrial uses with a modern residential community. We have designed the site to have sensitive and appropriate transitions with the low-rise neighbourhoods to the southeast.

Introducing a daycare

Throughout the process we look forward to hearing from the community what type of community space they think is needed and would work at 56-60 Fieldway. Right now we are proposing a daycare at the northeast corner of 58-60 Fieldway. Let us know what you think this community space should be: Tell us what you think.

Public Park

Public Outdoor Space


Residential Units

Bicycle Parking

Vehicle Parking

56-60 Fieldway